Is it good to learn to play flute?

Today, we want to share some small tips about the flute, this is one of the oldest instruments around, and one of the most diverse. Flute requires a high degree of discipline, which happen to be necessary attributes for academic excellence and good work ethic.

On the other hand, Drew Powell, Professor of flute of the American Music Institute, notes that playing this instrument is the perfect way to exercise the brain. It states that this allows performers to play with fingering, regular breathing and of course with the scale of sounds that the flute allows. There is a lot of concentration and techniques that develop motor skills and specific skills in this instrument.

The flute is a versatile instrument, it can give you the opportunity to explore in almost every type of musical group, even as a soloist. Indeed, the flute can open the doors to participate in orchestras and bands of all kinds, you can play from academic music, folk, rock and music from around the world. It is a friendly, stimulating and relaxing instrument. It is good companionship and also educates you in good manners and hygiene habits.

Did you know that, are there collateral benefits of learning the flute? This instrument, can get you not only the musical domain, in addition to, improve your breathing and the postures of your body, it can attract to your life opportunities such as: scholarships, trips, concerts, recitals, friends and many significant experiences.

The flute undoubtedly enriches your auditory perception, improves your melodic ear and will make you enjoy every day better, the music you love. Imagine playing this wonderful instrument! Can you believe it? Can you see yourself playing this elegant and subtle instrument, filling the silence with clear and sweet melodies?

Come with us and with pleasure, we will teach you to play this beautiful instrument, you will learn by playing and participating in our training program. In a while you will be fulfilling dreams and yearning to improve every day. We are here to help you with dedication and professional attention, do not hesitate.

By: MSc. Edward Castro