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Allegro Musical Daycare

Allegro Musical Daycare is committed to developing musical skills, improving social values and good manners, teaching another language (Spanish), preparing your children for the next level of learning, using an appropriate, comfortable, happy, healthy and safe environment.


I offer an active area of development and learning of language, writing, reading, music, manipulation, science, art, and bookstore. In the same order of ideas, I also offer a playground for playing outside and developing kids’ gross motor. With your help, we will make your children independent, disciplined and successful human being for the future.

Musical Area

Music being our main area, it is present in all other areas of learning. Our music program is made up of five sub-areas that are, handbells, boomwakers, Piano, Singing, and Music Theory. Our musical reading is based on the match of colors and sounds, which makes it significantly easier for children to interpret songs, either by singing or playing an instrument.

Lenguage Area

Music, being the universal language, is still a great tool to promote the linguistic development of children. Through songs and games of syllables with rhythmic patterns, children significantly improve their communication skills.

Math Area

Through music, we teach children mathematical facts. Thanks to the rhythmic part of music, we can develop in children the ability to count, add and subtract. 

The same happens with the value of musical figures, these by analogy allow children to understand the concept of duration as well as that of fractions.

Science Area

Music is also science! Children will be able to enjoy everything that has been scientifically discovered about music. For example: how vibration works, what effects it has, and how we can benefit from it. 

Also, this area explores basic natural processes such as the growth of a seed, the water cycle, etc.

Fine Motor Skills

Our game environment has a variety of Legos, puzzles and musical instruments. These require concentration and subtle hand and finger movements. The piano, for example, promotes the child’s fine motor skills. Also, our program contains craft workshops, which stimulates creativity and imagination.

Gross Motor Skills

Our program has a routine that includes physical education activities. Among them, there are obstacle course games, rounds, and dynamics that strengthen specific movements of arms, legs, and balance in children.


Affordable Child Care Benefit

We are not participating in the Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative.


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