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Fees and payments:

One class of 30min $40

Registration fee $20

For students with special needs these fee and duration varies depend on the condition. Therefore, it will be discussed with parents.

  • If you make the monthly payment, you will get a discount of $5 per class. In that case, the payment will be made on the first class of the month.
  • The payment methods are Interac e-transfer at to Nairy Arellano.
  • We accept payments from governmental institutions or foundations.
  • The fees include sheets and copies. Each student must acquire the study method book, accessories, and the musical instrument that she/he will study.
  • We provide the instrument for piano and percussion classes; however, the students should have the instrument at home for practicing.
  • We want to notify you that any damage or accident caused by your child on any instrument, accessory, furniture and materials in general, we will charge it to your account.

Attendance and absence:

Students should arrive on time to class: please, in case of a later arrival, send us a text message to let us know that you will come. In case you do not come to class, you must notify us 24 hours in advance so that we will reschedule before the next class. Unfortunately, if not comply with this rule, the class will be considered as taken without the option to reschedule or refund it.

Withdrawal Policy:

The withdrawal of our classes must notify a month in advance, otherwise, a penalty for the amount of the month will be charged.

Participation in recitals:

We have two annual concerts (summer recital and winter recital). All students must participate because this is part of the musical expression development. Also, it is a form of demonstrating the progress of our students.

In case of any concern please, do not hesitate to contact us by phone number 7782885484 or by email at

I have read and I agree with the rules above exposed.
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Dear parents, we would like to let you know that in our academy, during our recitals and classes we make audiovisual records (photos and videos) as a way to foster our students' talent, and promoting our classes through the website and social networks. Therefore, we are inviting you to fill up the following form:

during classes and recitals for posting exclusively on the social media and website of Allegro Music Art.

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