10 Benefits of the Early Stimulation by Music

The opportunity is favorable, to invite all of you to know 10 of the most significant benefits that early stimulation generate in the development of our children.  Studies on this area, increasingly supported, confirm the effectiveness of this practice and denote excellent results for families to incorporate into the upbringing of children.
We share these 10 benefits that will surely interest you, and the best of all is that in Allegro Music Art, you can enjoy this service for your children between the ages of 2 to 5 years and for an excellent offer, do not forget that  We are the allegro family and we are here to serve you
early stimulation

10 benefits of music in children:

  1. Improves the memory, attention and concentration capacity of children.
  2. It stimulates your intelligence by improving the ability to solve complex mathematical and reasoning problems.
  3. It is a way of expressing oneself and even with music, the child’s body expression is more stimulated.
  4. Introduces children to the sounds and meanings of words, strengthens learning and helps improve their language, for example the lyrics of the songs, in addition to promoting their auditory discrimination, enrich their vocabulary.
  5. It makes them more sociable, since music provides the opportunity for children to interact with each other and with adults.
  6. Develop creativity and stimulate children’s imagination, since music stimulates the right area of the brain, thus improving the ability to perform any other artistic activity, such as painting.
  7. When the music is combined with dance, it stimulates the senses, balance, and muscular development of children, by adapting their body movement to the rhythms, also contributing in this way to enhance the rhythmic control of their body and improve their coordination .
  8. Causes the evocation of memories and images with which the intellect is enriched.
  9. Stimulates the integral development of the child, acting on all areas of development.
  10. And finally, it helps to establish routines, thus laying the foundations of a future discipline creating associations between music and certain activities.
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