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Allegro Music Art

Allegro Music Art is a bilingual music academy that offers instruction in a wide range of musical instruments and vocal training. Our institution specializes in teaching wind instruments, drums, classical guitar, piano, voice, electric guitar, and electric bass.

18 Year






At Allegro Music Art

We go beyond instrument lessons. We offer an enriching musical experience for children as well. Through Allegro Musical Daycare, young ones can immerse themselves in a nurturing environment that combines care with musical education. Additionally, we provide an Early Musical Stimulation program designed specifically for children aged 3 to 5 years old, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to discover the joys of music from an early age.





At Allegro Music Art

Our philosophy is rooted in fostering friendship, responsibility, and academic excellence among our students. We believe in creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment where students not only develop their musical talents but also grow as individuals. 

With a Commitment to Bilingual

education in both Spanish and English, we provide a well-rounded musical education that empowers students to express themselves in multiple languages and cultures. Our goal is to nurture a love for music and instill the values of teamwork, creativity, and dedication in every student, setting them on a path to musical mastery and personal growth.

Nairy and Eduardo

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