Learning to play batería makes you smarter

The drums, is a percussion instrument, this means that to emit sounds requires body movement and contact between drumsticks, mallets, membranes and metal plates. As you can imagine, it is a great instrument. It requires energy and passion to enjoy music, while moving your whole body marking the rhythm of the band. Surely you have heard and seen musical bands that have a drummer, you recognize them because they are behind a building of drums and brightly sound dishes.

Learning to play this instrument is not only super fun, it also brings a lot of benefits in all areas of human development. I could mention you, for example, those who go by the order of the physio-bio-psycho-social. Just by giving you some data, did you know that an hour of battery-study can burn up to 200 calories? amazing right? Imagine that in the same activity you are: making music, preparing your presentation and going to the gym, all at once!

Playing the drums develops many areas of your brain, activates almost your entire body and produces, in addition to music, the opportunity to: channel energy, express emotions, improve your skills and motor independence and, if that were not enough, improve your intelligence, your ability to concentrate, your discipline and even your relationships with others. In short, it is worth learning this instrument.


Allegro Music Art, offers you this opportunity. Come with us and participate in our personalized classes, at the time of your convenience and with the professionalism of our Teachers, so you can enjoy all the benefits that we present below:

By: MSc. Edward Castro