Learning piano is the best idea. Taking in-person or online lessons shouldn’t be frustrating or less helpful. Choosing a good academy and excellent teachers is the key to making our time productive and worthwhile. By the way, Allegro music Art is your best option.

Taking piano lessons at any age brings benefits. Specialized studies indicate that learning to play this instrument develops skills and abilities that your life, body and mind will appreciate.

Without a doubt, this would be an excellent gift for your children, don't you always want to give them your best?

Over the years, various studies have shown that learning to play the piano changes the brain. Scientists at Northwestern University have found that the techniques used to learn piano or learn music cause new neurological connections. Connections that would not occur with any other learning activity.

This study published in Nature Reviews Neuroscience, with the following statements: “learning music has a profound impact on our abilities to learn a language, our concentration, our memory and our emotions.”

Which makes sense since the piano learner develops study habits that help focus concentration on a task. The pianist concentrates on his breathing, notes (quarter note, eighth note, double eighth note), music theory, harmony, intervals, minor range, and rhythm. There is nothing like all of this to forget about brain-body stimulation and stress relief.

So, do you dare to take piano lessons for yourself or your children?

BabyPiano is a program designed by Allegro Music Art with specialized lessons for children from 3 years of age. It uses a functional, adapted and above all, stimulating method for the significant development of children. Do not hesitate to consult our teachers for more information about the program and the COVID-19 safety regulations that we follow to safeguard your children’s health.

We are Allegro Music Art.

By: MSc. Edward Castro.