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We have repeatedly found the hand of health experts, clear tools that can help us alleviate the situation. Specifically, the best solution for Coronavirus is individual responsibility and social co-responsibility of the blocking and prevention mechanisms. This is undoubtedly the most effective way to minimize contact and overcome this difficult situation.

At Allegro Music Art, we have been applying all the mechanisms recommended by the experts to respond to the situation, without restricting the musical learning process of the students. We have also adopted online alternatives, very convenient for students who can continue their musical-artistic training processes.

In the best of spirits, we consider it appropriate to convey the possibilities of continuing music lessons. Better than ever, music represents a completely healthy activity and an outreach for everyone in this crisis. Below, we briefly expose activities that can help in distributing the time of day for all family members:

Allegro Music Art Online:

 As limited as they may seem, smart technologies – phones, tablets, laptops, and computers – are efficient mechanisms for taking music lessons. Not only can we see and hear the instructor in real time, but we also have their help, suggestions and advice, just as it happens in person. You just need to agree on the technology of your choice, the instrument you have or the type of lessons you want. On the other hand, in the situation we live in, various technologies allow us to develop our musical skills from the comfort of home, without going out and without exposing ourselves. It is completely safe and we will always provide you with the necessary advice for the care of your instruments, their correct cleaning and how to handle them in this crisis.

Take Music Language classes online:

Did you really think you couldn’t learn music? it is a myth! we can all learn! Music is a language, and as such, it is learned from: listening and practice. The advantage that we all have is that we have listened to music all our lives, that is, we already have the first condition, therefore it only remains to practice it and, at Allegro we teach you the techniques and a methodology to read, interpret and know it. You can learn to read sheet music and improve your rhythmic or melodic music theory. Surprise everyone with your skills by taking these practical lessons.

Take Voice classes online:

Voice? Yes indeed, you can take these classes to receive the lessons you require or start from scratch in voice. They will help you improve your voice, intonation, breathing, diction, projection and of course everything related to voice care. At Allegro we offer you the opportunity of personalized voice training, and permanent vocalization with the advice and monitoring of your vocal development, always focusing on the type of music you want to voice.

Take Musical Instruments classes online:

If what you like is playing instruments and making music, we offer you a wide range of instruments that you can learn to play with the Allegro family, flute, trumpet, saxophone, clarinet, drums, piano, percussion , electric bass, electric and acoustic guitar. With all these instruments, we can accompany you at this time, our lessons are practical and methodological, they educate you musically from various areas of the technical and musical domain.

We are Allegro Music Art.

By: MSc. Edward Castro. 

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