Allegro Music Art Celebrates its Director, Nairy Arellano.

The Center for the Study and Diffusion of Neo-Spartan Music, by its acronym CEDIMN, presents this award to outstanding representatives and musical directors. They have left their mark on the diffusion and performance of Neo-Spartan music.

In this Opportunity, he has granted this distinction and recognition to Nairy Arellano, for his Outstanding Career as Choral Director, exalting the neo-Spartan name in Venezuela and the World.

Our Master Nairy has developed a career and left her musical, artistic legacy in different countries such as Venezuela, Argentina and currently in Canada. Within her high musical performance, she has been an instrumentalist, choralist, director and teacher in prestigious groups in the artistic and choral field.

Today we reiterate our joy at having Nairy head the Allegro Music Art Academy, where he continues his educational work, sowing music and happiness among us. The Allegro Family, with great pride, celebrates this merit and extols the passion and dedication of this worthy representative. Of Venezuelan and Universal Music Long live the music, long live Allegro and long live Nairy. Receive our recognition and gratitude, on behalf of your hundreds of students worldwide, your friends and musical colleagues. Good hour !!!

We are Allegro Music Art.

By: Allegro Music Art Team.